Essay on White Supremacy And Privilege Effects People Of Color

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White Supremacy and Privilege Effects People of Color
People of Color in the United States struggle to navigate through a society dominated by White supremacy. Racism is almost ignored on a daily basis because of how ingrained it is into American society. Internal and external consequences how been proven to affect people of Color when they live in a society where white supremacy is normalized and being a person of Color is seen as being inferior. In the United States, white people have structured society in a way that solely benefits them, but leave people of Color feeling disenfranchised. Though these results are not unusual considering the fact that being non-white in America means having to deal with oppression in the form of racism, and having opportunities taken away for just being born into the “wrong” racial group. While there are Americans, though usually they belong to the dominate group, who are reluctant to believe that white supremacy even exist and that racism is one of its products. Although when looking at statistics in every institution in the United States there is a noticeable pattern that proves the lack of resources and protection given to people of Color.
Whiteness and White Supremacy When the term Whiteness is being used it general is to help described the parts of racism that uplifts white people and lowers people of Color. In American there is an idea that thing necessary things such as right and resources are distributed equally among all of its…

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