White Privilege : The Invisible Knapsack Essays

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Peggy McIntosh works for the Wellesley College Center as the associate director. Her main focus is on Research on Women. Throughout her career, McIntosh has written several articles about multicultural and gender-equitable. McIntosh’s work White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack was published in 1988, as a working paper, but in 1990 it was featured in the magazine Independent School. In White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack, McIntosh addressed how being white gave her an advantage in life. She also continues, that whites never realized that they have certain privileges because it has become a norm for them. McIntosh starts the article by stating that often men do not want to see that they are more privileged than women. However, they do notice that women have a disadvantage in life. She addressed that denial plays a huge a role to whether men accept that they have more privileges. Furthermore, McIntosh continues writing how whites are taught not to see white privilege, the same way men do not see their privilege. However, she sees white privilege as an invisible package to whites because they are not raised to acknowledge the privileges they have. Continuing, she describes white privilege as something new to a person. In order for a person to acquire such knowledge, about white privilege, they first have to take into account of the power they have. However, she also writes how men are unconscious of their power they have in the world. Hence, why white readers…

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