White Privilege : Essential Readings Essay

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White Privilege: Essential Readings on the Other Side of Racism is a book of articles compiled by Paula Rothenberg. The book consists of nineteen articles by twenty-three different authors and is broken up into four different parts. The book deals with white privilege and how white people do not recognize that they have it or do anything about it, specifically anything against it. Part one is titled “Whiteness: The Power of Invisibility.” This section introduces the idea that people with white skin do not have to think about the fact that they are white. Whites simply see themselves as normal. They do not have to think of themselves in terms of a race because it is never brought up. Whereas people with colored skin have to constantly think about how their race is taken into account in basically any situation. So why do people with white skin not actually see themselves as white? “In part, race obliviousness is the natural consequence of being in the driver’s seat.” (p. 17) Whenever it is brought up to white people that they are white, it always seems to cause some sort of discomfort or guilt to the white person. It is for this reason that it is just avoided in everyday interaction. There has been a lack of official African American anthropologist study of whites. However, spoken word has been passed down since slavery began. When these white stereotypes and stories are discussed between people with white skin and people with colored skin, the people with white skin tend to…

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