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A White Paper



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1. Introduction / Background 2
2. Abstract / Business Case 2
3. Problem Statement / Introduction 2
4. Proposed Solution(s) 2
a. Introduction of Solution 2
b. Application of Solution 2
5. Future Direction / Long-Term Focus 2
6. Results / Conclusion 2
Appendices 3
Appendix A – Scenarios 3
Appendix B – Options 3
Appendix C – Authors 3
Appendix D – References 3

1. Introduction / Background
The Ullman, Manly, & Ulysses Corporation (UMUC) has grown substantially in the past decade. It has grown from one location and a few local customers to the international provider it is today. The 250 employees serve more than 75,000 customers worldwide from four
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Active Directory replication will ensure that the chosen organizational schema is replicated between each location. This quickly handles security and authorization requests while allowing the admin and maintenance duties to be carried out from a central location.
UMUC staff and customers alike will each use corporate domain username and passwords, will allow them to connect and authenticate to corporate services. This distinction is important in terms of Information Security and will serve to provide a key example to the customer base as to how importantly UMUC takes security considerations and concerns. Each resource or service will verify access requests against the closest available domain controller so the provision of multiple, replicated servers will ensure that even if an instance is unavailable it can be processed by a controller at another site which will move UMUC away from certain outages and network issues that they are currently experiencing.

5. Risks
While there are numerous benefits to a self-controlled network, there are still risks to be considered with switching to such a platform. Most importantly is sustainment of network services during the switch. It is recommended to continue using the current network configuration until the new infrastructure reaches Final Operational Capability (FOC). Other factors to consider are finding,

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