White Noise By Don Delillo Essay

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Introduction: Don DeLillo is an American writer born in 1936. Delillo is a postmodernist and written eleven books receiving various awards for his work. The title of DeLillo’s eighth novel, White Noise, brings many assumptions towards the overall meaning of the book. White noise is when there is a combination of sound waves together creating a constant buzz. The buzz can produce a relaxing or overwhelming feeling. Although, it depends if it refers to a repetitive noise one is trying to avoid or perhaps noise one is trying to embrace. DeLillo’s White Noise is set in the twentieth century. It is a story about a professor of the Hitler Studies at College-on-the-Hill, name Jack Gladney. Throughout the novel, it is evident that Jack is the main character and narrator of the story. Jack experiences a constant murmur towards his underlying fear of death invading his thoughts. Constantly remembering “white noise” causes Jack to have uncertainties that stop him from repressing death in the society around him. As a result, Jack went through many obstacles as he tries to avoid, cope, and confront the thought of death while diminishing the white noise that he is trying to escape.

Paragraph 1: Avoidance: choosing to hide from the inevitable truth instead of accepting the thought of death. In the first part of the novel, Jack Gladney is an average working man who has to earn an income to support his family. Babette, his wife, and children play a significant role in Jack’s overall…

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