White Fragility : The Way For A Successful Argument Essay

2082 Words Sep 26th, 2016 9 Pages
From the beginning Robin DiAngelo paves the way for a successful argument by stating the existence of white fragility and addressing her audience of white liberals. As a person reads white fragility DiAngelo builds her argument with layers of evidence providing specific examples of the places white fragility takes place in the work force, how white people purposefully segregate themselves, place themselves in the position of vulnerability, and are ignorant to their state of separation. DiAngelo is able to provide her explanation on the existence of modern day racism through tone, evidence, and ethos. Along with the use of pathos and logos DiAngelo successfully carries out her argument. However, loses credibility by alienating those with opposing views, and glossing over the role systematic racism had in creating white fragility. The tone DiAngelo uses in white fragility is strong and informative which helps to capture the attention of the audience. In the nine different sections that DiAngelo develops to expand her argument on white fragility she always has a confident tone that makes the audience believe what she says. From the points she develops none sound weak or are underdeveloped. The informative tone DiAngelo uses also helps guide readers that are barely learning about the subject. For example, in this quote DiAngelo provides an explanation “Whiteness itself refers to the specific dimensions of racism that serve to elevate white people over people of color. This…

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