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Agile Project Management

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Agile Project Management

Foreword by Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG-International Introducing Agile Project Management Relationship with DSDM Atern and Key Differences Comparing Agile Project Management with other agile methodologies Benefits of Agile Project Management Agile Project Management and PRINCE2 – one or the other, or both? Qualifications & Training About APMG-International About the DSDM Consortium 3

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Foreword from Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG-International
Agile Project Management provides an approach that offers agility but retains the concepts of a project, project delivery and project management. It works alongside more formal
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Unforeseen situations, budget cuts and organizational changes can have a dramatic impact on project outcomes. The key to successfully managing projects is to break them into stages, plan the current stage in detail and be flexible regarding the subsequent stages.


Agile Project Management

Introducing Agile Project Management
Agile Project Management is the result of collaboration between APMG-International and The DSDM Consortium. DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) is the longest-established Agile method, launched in 1995, and is the only Agile method to focus on the management of Agile projects. The method has evolved over the years and DSDM Atern is the latest version. DSDM has always operated predominantly in the corporate environment, and has consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully work with and complement existing corporate processes. Until fairly recently, Agile was still viewed by some as “bleeding edge” or “inherently risky”, whereas the reality is that over many years of successful implementation Agile has become mainstream, and the drive to “go Agile” has been fuelled by the need to deliver timely and cost-effective projects, whilst at the same time embracing change and offering flexibility. Agile Project Management is a new initiative which extracts the Project Management elements of DSDM Atern and makes them

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