Which Statement BEST Reflects The Core Definition Of Modern Social Psychology Essay

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Register to read the introduction… ________________________________________ 29. Which statement BEST reflects the core definition of modern social psychology?
A. the study of our need to be with other people
B. the science of human behavior
C. the scientific study of the way behavior is influenced by others
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the scientific study of our need for consistency in our beliefs 30. Which statement BEST explains the focus of the field of social psychology?
A. the study of the psychological and cognitive process of the individual
B. the study of the impact of genetics on social behavior
C. the study of the person within his or her environment
D. All of these. 31. Gordon Allport's definition of social psychology emphasizes which of the following as influences of people's behavior?
A. the presence of others
B. the implied presence of others
C. the imagined presence of others
D. All of these. 32. Researchers have found that drivers are more likely to use their seatbelts if there is a passenger in the car rather than when they are driving alone. For the social psychologist, this is an example of
A. the way in which the actual presence of others influences our behavior.
B. people's unconscious self-destructive tendencies.
C. the effect that imagined others have on our behavior.
D. interactionism in everyday life. 33. Social psychology has been considered a bridge to understanding other fields, such as
A. biology.
B. anthropology.
C. political science.
D. All of these.

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