Enhancing Joy In Teaching And Learning Analysis

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Which specific CSTP element will drive your Fostering Equity Through Social and Emotional Learning focus? List the specific standard element.

For driving my “Enhancing Joy in Teaching and Learning” focus the specific CSTP element and specific standard element that I will use is Standard 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning under the specific standard element of 1.1 Using knowledge of students to engage

List your current developmental level of your chosen CSTP.

Level 4 Integrating

Where am I now?

Currently, I am halfway through the semester in instructing my studies with history related subjects. In regards to my chosen CSTP and current level of teacher and student joy, I would say that right now our class is at
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What would I like my reality to be?

Currently, with the direction that my class is going it seems like a mixed result because on one aspect the students are learning and seeming to enjoy how I deliver instruction to them using the ‘Risk’ game board concept for dynamic learning, but on the other hand as I mentioned before I do not believe it seems that when I issue the students their summative assessment (which again is usually the chapter review questions from the textbook), that the students are able to still continue in having a more enjoyable time in demonstrating to me what they are learning.

In reflecting upon this and in regards to my chosen CSTP and current level of JOY in teaching and learning, I would like my reality to be a smooth class transition from direct instruction (including formative assessment) to summative assessment where the students can demonstrate to me that they understand what they are learning. I would like to find a way to provide that balance in transition where the students are still having from interacting with what they are learning and expressing what they have learned while yielding positive results that inform me as a teacher that they are comprehending what they are taught. I want to consider assessing the impact of joy on student achievement by seeing if those results from making a change in my teaching practice for assessment have improved from now and before when I would have my students complete their tests from the
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I will do this in twofold. First, I will ask my students after they have taken this new modified form of summative assessment (by completing a crossword puzzle with history related content questions), if they like this form of assessment or would rather suggest something else or possibly would want to go back to conducting their final assessments in a more standardized way such as completing the critical thinking questions from the chapter reviews in the textbook. The second way I will assess the impact on joy for student achievement is by looking at their test scores from doing this modified form of assessment and comparing it to their previous scores in how I assessed them from completing the chapter review questions from the textbook. I honestly, believe that their will be a prevailing trend in which students will score better for summative assessments if they are able to demonstrate to me what they have learned in the manner that is more comfortable and enjoyable for them which I think crossword puzzles would be one example as people of all ages I believe like a challenge for critical which can be somewhat visual and involves strategy of induction and deduction in the form of a graphical organizer such as a crossword

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