Which Of The Following Works Demonstrates The Futurists Interest In Motion Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Which of the following works demonstrates the Futurists' interest in motion?
|a. |The City |
|b. |Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash |
|c. |Champs de Mars or The Red Tower |
|d. |The Portuguese |

____ 16. Which of the following artists was a Berlin Dadaist?
|a. |Hannah Höch |
|b. |Barbara Hepworth |
|c. |Georgia O'Keeffe |
|d. |Frida Kahlo
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|Ernst Barlach |
|c. |Ernst Kirchner |
|d. |Max Beckmann |

____ 34. A painting that was done in reaction to World War I was __________.
|a. |Ernst Kirchner's Street, Berlin |
|b. |Wassily Kandinsky's Improvisation 28 |
|c. |Max Beckmann's Night |
|d. |Kurt Schwitters's Merz pictures |

____ 35. Which of the following statements about Dada is true?
|a. |Dada originated in Copenhagen |
|b. |All Dada works were created in marble

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