Essay on Which Moral Philosophy Suits You The Best?

1497 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Which moral philosophy suits you the best? According to the online philosophy quiz, I am more personally Intuitionism (for 30 percent), which occupies only 11 percent of 366 participants. This is not only quite interesting but also more challenging for me as this branch of philosophy has not been covered during our lecture in class. However, by doing further research, its characteristics are quite true and seemly fit to me. The left percentage which indicates my “ethical learnings” are Virtue Ethics (for 20%), Kantianism (for 25%), and Utilitarianism (for 25%). By looking at these results, I feel quite agreeable with them as they did give the overall report based on my specific answer, even though there is one question that I do not know what branch of philosophy they contribute. Most people that have met me usually said I’m kind of stubborn girl but I know what is right or wrong, what is should and should not do. It is definitely right, as if I was taught by the adults (such as my parents or my teacher from school) that “it’s wrong, you cannot do like that”, I will remember and keep repeat saying ‘no’ as an instinct if I see that action happens again. Therefore, when I started reading the questions on the quiz for the first time, I answered most of them by my nature disposition, not even looking back or carefully criticizing whether I should choose this because there are more things to talk about in Kantianism than in Utilitarianism. This, however, turns out surprisingly…

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