Essay on Which Is More Poisonous : The Apple Or Our Superstructure?

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Which is More Poisonous: The Apple or Our Superstructure? The Disney animated movie Snow White has been watched by generations of young girls who look up to the princess and dream to be just like her. But ultimately, by watching this highly popular film and accepting its values and ideas, young girls around the world grow up to become women accepting of the sexism and phallocentrism that is so prevalent in our society. They suffer the effects of a male dominated culture that degrades their bodies, voices, and existence by being forced to swallow the prideful taunts of rape culture, significantly lower salaries than male associates, and constant criticism of not being feminine enough. If the scenes and lyrics in the movie are picked apart, the female leads can be exposed for what they truly represent by their actions and words: Snow White, a woman who fell in love with and married a stranger who sexually molested her in the middle of the forest while she was asleep and her stepmother, the queen, a woman who was so overcome by jealousy and an obsession of being “the fairest of them all” that she resorted to ordering a huntsman to murder her own step-daughter. These female characters represent the distorted portrait of womanhood by a patriarchal culture that introduce the desires and ideas of men instead of women and, sadly, are what the young girls of our society are aspiring to conform themselves to. In the opening song of the movie, Snow White stands by a wishing well and…

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