Essay on Where We Stand : Class Matters By Bell Hooks

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Connection is the basis for all human relationships. It links us together by our similarities and allows us to understand each other’s differences. Making a connection with the reader is essential for an author, no matter the genre. Without a connection,nothing said by the author will matter to the reader. For the reader, making this connection happens in multiple ways, whether it be identifying with the author as a person, having shared experiences, or simply liking their writing style. When we first read Where We Stand: Class Matters by Bell Hooks, I felt this same immediate connection. I was drawn to Bell Hooks by her writing style, the feminine narrative she told, and our points of view on money and class. Through this connection with Bell Hooks, I hope to discover more about my own dispositions and the impact that connections have on me and other readers. What first drew me to Bell Hooks was the fact she is a female author. I have a great respect for women writers, especially those who grew up with a male dominated work force. In the time that Bell Hooks grew up in, being an educated woman was seen as a bad thing. She recalled that, “Daddy believed a woman with too much education would never find a husband” (pg 20). For this reason, I find the fact that she was so dedicated to her education wvwen more admirable. When she was going to school, the only educated women were school teachers, and they never married (pg 21). Besides the barriers towards her education, Bell…

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