Where We Are I Am Emmanuel Omondi Essay example

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I am Emmanuel Omondi. The story of my life basically has four key turning points - events I believe have greatly impacted my internal and external identity; some of which will continue to do so for the rest of my life. In chronological order, my non-relationship with my father, my battle with depression and anxiety, the dissonance I habour regarding which career path to take - medicine:the opportunity of a lifetime or aviation:my love and, my walk with The Lord. They capture the seats of my emotions and feelings. They are the major threads in the tapestry of my life thus far. Tension, despair and hope are the themes.
I do not know my father. He is alive. His name is Ezekiel. I can try to remember some of the few interactions we have had together. I last saw him and spoke to him five years ago. I have a photo of him in my wallet. It ends there. Neither of us knows each other 's whereabouts. I have yearned and longed for a relationship with this man for as long as I can remember. It is one of my heart 's desires. He and my mom separated when I was about five. I am now twenty two. I have asked myself and other relevant people virtually all kinds of questions pertaining to him. What did he do? What kind of person was he like? Why did he and my mom separate? Not surprisingly, I get answers I believe are biased and slightly, if not very much, exaggerated. However, I still believe them. From these, I have come to know how evil, abusive, neglectful,…

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