Where The Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak Essay

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My Favorite Important Book I never read, “Where The Wild Things Are”, by Maurice Sendak, before this assignment. I am now, a fan of Mr. Sendak’s descriptive writing and remarkable illustrations. Particularly, Max’s rambunctiousness and creativity reminds me of my six brothers when they were younger. “Where The Wild Things Are” was first printed in 1963 and readers considered it too scary for young children. In contrast, “Where The Wild Things Are”, is a wonderful book for children because of its fantasy element and message of a mother’s love. To point out, the book won the Caldecott Medal and is now considered a piece of children’s classic literature. Mr. Sendak use of simple words and short sentences makes the story suitable for children over three. For instance; “That very night in Max’s room a forest grew” and “grew” and “grew”, shows the book’s writing style (Sendak, 1963, p. 7-9). Most of the pages with text (except a few) are free of art and vice versa; so, this allows his readers to focus only on the message or the images. Although, the author wrote this book for children, adults will also enjoy it. “Where The Wild Things Are” setting takes place in Max’s home and thoughts. In the first scene, Max is tormenting his mother with his boisterous behavior. Next, she sends him to his room without dinner. There, a figment of his imagination transforms his bedroom into a forest. His illusion takes him on a journey to where the “wild things” are. In effect, Mr.…

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