Essay about Where The Wild Lamassu Are

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Where The Wild Lamassu Are
I chose this particular limestone masterpiece made in Iraq in 750 BCE, for the Assyrian palace, because I felt a personal connection with the Lamassu. Growing up, my family had many statues such as the large and beautiful four seasons around the yard that tower over a human, mythical creatures hidden in the gardens and trolls from Norway hidden around the house spontaneously scaring guests. Also, as a child my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, The Lamassu reminds me of those creatures from the book, mythical and unique. I can imagine them coming to life. The Lamassu speaks to me in ways of comfort because of my childhood, not many terrifying thoughts come to mind when looking at pictures. I think that the Lamassu are beautiful, and the mind that created it is so unique and special. It amazes me that they could imagine a mythical creature that never excited out of nothing but imagination. Reminds me of turning dreams into reality, in this case in limestone and meant to terrify all. I feel that because of the size of the Lamassu they would be very terrifying in person, over towering the people strong enough to enter. I would feel small and discouraged walking up to them, with my mind daring to walk past. To me the Lamassu shows protection and wealth for the palace.
Intellectually, I find the Lamassu very thought-provoking and challenging, to my mind. When looking at photographs of the Lamassu they don’t seem to be scary, they kind of seem…

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