Essay on Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

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Where Shopping is a Pleasure
In the good ole United States, people love to eat. Not to say these individuals are not appreciative, but many citizens tend to indulge and appear to take their privileged resources for granted. After all, this country offers a plethora of retail choices ranging from farmer’s markets, meat markets, and neighborhood bodegas (a.k.a. mom-and-pop-shops), specialty vegan and whole foods markets, and last but certainly not least supermarket chains! Considering the variety of choices, consumers get to set all types of criteria as to why they will or will not conduct business in a particular marketplace. In the southeastern part of the country, many people hold Publix Supermarket and similar stores in high regards to the level of cleanliness, employee hospitality, the quality of products, the varied selection of mainstream and ethnic food options, the chain’s ability to expedite the latest products on the market, and competitive pricing. Publix and similar grocers are fine establishments to shop, but it does not mean alternative shops are not worthy of purchasing goods.
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Would diners want to consume food from a restaurant where there is a foul odor and live roaches or rodents are crawling around? Unless the patrons were desperate, they would probably not decide to dine at that establishment. A vast majority of people would not bother going there at all or would at least wait until a health inspector has deemed it safe to…

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