Benefits Of Job Outsourcing

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Where is My Job Going?
The outsourcing of American jobs has contributed to the substantial unemployment rate and financial instability facing American workers, effecting the security and economy of our country.
Outsourcing is where a company will send specific jobs to be performed by people in another country. American companies are taking advantage of the cheap and uninsured labor by sending the jobs overseas, which is causing a spike in unemployment rates in our American economy. Outsourcing of jobs in the Information Technology field is very common. Jobs in human resources, facilities, real estate management, accounting, customer support, and call centers are also vulnerable. The biggest reason why businesses would select to use outsourcing
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Recently it has come too close to home because of some changes at my place of employment. A few weeks ago I was having a meeting with several managers in my area when they asked me for my opinion regarding some changes that are going to be coming. My department will be hiring 6 people from overseas by the end of the year. My face must have been white as a ghost as I could not speak. I understand that companies need to generate revenue but is it worth the devastation that so many experience when they become unemployed. The news I received that day rocked me to my core and left me speechless because I have experienced job loss due to outsourcing. I was working for a great company called MPC Computers, in their Tech Support department. I had happily been working there for 4 months; it was a huge answer to prayers when my decking business was no longer. I was laid off when my youngest child was only a few weeks old. I was in major debt because of the business venture and I had no chance for unemployment benefits because I hadn’t been paying unemployment taxes while I was self-employed. It was a trial that my family and I had to …show more content…
Sometimes executives think more about their company’s bottom line and getting a better deal. Businesses can employ a person who is qualified to do a specific job because of their prior work experience with training/education or pay a cheaper cost for an overseas employee that could come with a substantial higher price tag than realized. Companies have to pay teachers and professors to teach offshore employees English to be able to do the job properly. Because of the risk of high turnover rate the cost can be considerably higher than companies first projected. Losing customers can be a negative effect on business, this has a negative impact on the business name and can over time cripple a company and force them to do even more layoffs and even close their doors. While training can pose real issues, security is another big risk and real concern today. With the risk of leaking confidential data in fields like human resources, payroll and recruitment services. This involves the risk of exposing highly confidential company information to competitors. Companies have spent millions of dollars to protect their company from outside attacks but having the ability to know who to trust on the inside is really

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