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Where is Daniel Dennett? Daniel Dennett was a special ops agent for the U.S. government who was placed in a very unique situation. In order to complete a secret government mission presumably during the cold war, he was required to have his brain removed. Dennett had to have his brain removed in order to extract a warhead buried a mile beneath Tulsa, Oklahoma. With his brain removed from his body, though still connected and in total control of his body through radio transmitters, he asked

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This explanation is the easiest to understand because your point of view is determined internally and the location of your point of view is also your location. Though this explanation in itself poses another major flaw to the true explanation of Dennett’s whereabouts. This is because, the brain creates and thinks of the point of view that is perceived through the senses of the body. So your point of view can’t actually be your location.
The question of Dennett’s real whereabouts became more of a problem for Dennett when he realized that he had finally lost all contact with his body in Tulsa after a malfunction had occurred with the electronics in his head during his mission. “Had I not changed location from Tulsa to Houston at the speed of light? And had I not accomplished this without any increase in mass? What moved from A to B at such speed was surely myself, or at any rate my soul or mind--- the massless center of my being and home of my consciousness”. Though his point of view had lagged in realizing exactly what had happened Dennett knew that he had changed location even still.
Dennett was then sedated by his team and eventually awoke almost a year later. Though he was in an entirely new body. “As many philosophers unfamiliar with my ordeal have more recently speculated, the acquisition of a new body leaves one’s person intact. One’s personality is also by
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