Essay about Where I 'm From My Mother

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Where I 'm from My mother Bonnie, had four children by 1973, she was around 32 years old when she left New York heading to Chicago IL. Her plan was to get a job and raise her kids as a single parent. Meanwhile, My father Charles, had three children and was also going through a divorce with his wife, was trying to figure out what his next step was going to be. As luck would have it they met at a party near the end of 1973, by June of the next year they were married with seven children. They decided that they were not going to have any more children and planed to raise the seven they already had between them. My parents were the real life Brady Bunch, at least that is what I always called them. However, a few years later their plan was spoiled when my Aunt Doris gave my mother expired foam birth control and nine months later I was born in July of 1978. I loved growing up in a big family, I had five sisters and two brothers. Although they were all significantly older than I They still took the time to show me I was important to. My oldest brother Billy had joined the army days before I was born so I was not able to meet until I was around 5 or 6 years old. I remember being scared of him, he looked so mean. I grew up in such a close family with so much love and support, I thank God everyday for being so blessed. I have seen good and bad times thought out my life, 2 children, marriage, working, but all of it even the hard things are all happening for a reason. When I was 13 I…

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