Where I Stand and Why Essay

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Assignment 4 – Where I Stand and Why

There are different attitudes and opinions to assimilation. In the text “Where I stand and Why” by LaToya Powel, some different attitudes to assimilation are expressed. The text is about LaToya and her family’s assimilation in New York City. She’s interviewing her grandfather who migrated to New York City from Lumberton, North Carolina, in 1957 to get a job and a better life for his family.

Her grandfather, Franklin Powell, and his wife Shirley Ruth Powell assimilated because they were forced to it. All the work was in white America, and if they wanted a job they needed to adapt the culture. The only concern in his life was to work so he could get a better life for his family, and he didn’t think
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The society also forces LaToya to take on two separate identities. In the text she has written: “When I’m in Binghamton, things are different: My guard is down, there’s a smile on my face, and I am somewhat carefree. Once I step off of the bus at Port Authority Bus Terminal, I’m a changed person: no time for smiling, only time for attitude.” (page 131, line 22-25). She can’t be the same girl in school as she is at home.

Taking on two separate identities I know from my own life and a lot of my friends. I act different when I’m in school, with my family, and with my handballteam. Of course I’m still me no matter who I’m with, but there are some differences, and that’s because everyone got some different expectations of me. My family expects me to speak well and behave well, and my friends want me to be bad and be game for anything. You adapt the environment and surroundings automatically without really thinking about it, exactly like LaToya.

It’s normal and almost inevitably to have more personalities than one and several people have more than two. I don’t think it should be like that. Like LaToya means, people shouldn’t conform other people’s culture, but I think we all should remain our own identity and be the same person no matter where or who you are

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