Where do I see myself in 5 to 10 years Essay

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Where Do I see myself in Five to Ten Years?

This question I struggle with, thinking of the future and where I see myself is hard. Five years can easily go by fast, but on paper it was a challenge. Talking about the present is much easier to elaborate. You never really know the outcome. Setting new goals in place to become more successful. Where I see myself in five to ten years I don’t really know. I can honestly say if I was asked this question during an interview I would fail. I haven’t really gave it much thought. Now imagining five to ten years from now I have passed all my classes and graduated from Heald College. Perfected a good enough resume to land a job as a Medical Office Administration. Now a career at a well know
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My goal is to one day own a home, with a nice backyard, and start a vegetable garden. Raising my kids will be longer than ten years, but that is the most important thing to me. I want to make sure that they have the stability, security, and educational needs. Therefore the next ten years I will have my work cut out for me. My life five years ago is completely different from the current one. I was less stressed, working forty hours a week. I had more time to socialize and go out with friends. Those days were good, wasted time watching TV or taking naps. I try now to spend each day wisely and study hard to achieve a better outcome of my future. Now I’m unemployed and going to college sixteen hours a week. This time seems that I start taking life seriously and making responsible and educated choices. I realize that up until now has only been practice. I am beginning to do things for myself. I must work very hard to provide a better future for my kids. I embrace these struggles and learn from them. I am driven by determination and I am passionate in almost everything I do. I have never considered making goals in my cloudy past but look forward to accomplishing them in my bright future. All of these life changes will take a lot of time and effort. All of these life changes will take a lot of time and

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