Where Do I Live? Essay

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Where Do I Live?
Scooter’s black, silky hair brushed the floor as he scrambled past his bed and up to the door of the house. “Yap! Yap! Ms. Lilly’s home! Ms. Lilly’s home!”
“Hi, Scooter. What adventures did my little Yorkie have today?”
Yorkie was the name Ms. Lilly used when she thought about Scooter’s curiosity about inside things and outside things and things that move and smell.
“I chased a ladybug in the window. I chewed on my leash, and l looked for you.”
Ms. Lilly cuddled Scooter then let him down to chase the dust that sparkled in the afternoon sun.
She did not notice that the door that led to the outside things was open.
“Grasshoppers. Butterflies. The smell of green grass.” Scooter scurried his small body past the sign with the numbers 116 and down the steps.
116 didn’t move and had no smell, so Scooter took no notice of it.
Scooter did notice the truck that smelled of cold and the scent of children who had been on adventures of their own.
The ice cream truck was an outside thing that Scooter was especially curious about.
The children called to him, “Here, Scooter. Come here, Scooter.” They were licking and dripping ice cream.
“Yap. Yap. Yap.” Brown and pink and white ice cream dripped from their cones.
When the drips stopped, Scooter chased the truck past the green corner sign that said Elmhurst Court.
He chased the truck over the bridge that spanned a creek. “Hello, Crawdad and Minnow.” A little further, the truck halted. Scooter’s sniffs…

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