Where Did You Learn That? Essay

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“Where did you learn that?” she asked. “From Terra, she runs the historical society in the village. She 's one of the witches I told you about. She was friends with Grandma Lyanna, and she says she knew you when you were just a little girl.” “Did she?” my mama said sounding skeptical. “Yeah, and there are other witches just like her in this village. It 's like a secret society they have. I had also learned other things from her today too, like the power to deflect things, and I can persuade people to do things for me.” “Cera, I know what you’re thinking, so just stop thinking it right now. We can 't stop her. Our powers will never be strong enough, at least not before someone is dead.” That wasn 't what I wanted to hear. What I wanted to hear was, Oh my god, Cera, that 's amazing! Where did you learn how to do that? Do you think if we both worked at our powers together we could kill Abellona, or at least keep her at bay and isolated to the forest like Grandma Lyanna had done so we could coexist and live normal lives? Yeah, I’m being facetious, but you get my point. “But if you just come with me to see Terra, she could help the two of us become stronger and maybe together we can keep Abellona bottled up like grandma did all those years. You saw what I can do, and I just learned how to do that today. Who knows all the different things we 're capable of doing?” I said all this pleadingly to my mama, and at the time, I was thinking that if I…

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