Where Did You Get Your Values? Essays

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Where did you get your values?
Throughout history individuals produces their own understanding of the definition of values. My personal understanding of the definition of values is that objects, experience, and knowledge help you determine what is important in your life, which makes up who you are as an individual. Your family, friends, teachers, and etc. usually teach and show you the different values throughout your life. According to Mitchell (1977), “ Many people in this world usually have different tastes in things which are important to them; they learn most of these things from family, nation, region, and it is up to them to determine which is important to them.” An individual has uniqueness about them that helps them pick and chose, which values best fits, their lifestyle.
The Journey Through My Personal Values Many things are important in my everyday life: Intimate relationship, friends, family, education, religion, and hospitality. Each one of these values holds a special place in every part of my growth from a small child to the individual I am today. These special values have walked hand and hand with me for years upon year. Values can mean so much to someone or so little to someone, but my values mean the world to me.
Intimate Relationship: The value that has recently become very important to me is an intimate relationship. As a child and teenager, I never experienced the chance of having a relationship because I was to focus on my schoolwork, friend, God,…

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