Essay on Where Did You Earn Your Social Work Degree?

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Where did you earn your social work degree?
Constance Brown does not have a social work degree currently. She earned a degree in Sociology with a minor in Child Development from Missouri State University. She is currently taking bachelor classes for Social Work at Missouri State, to eventually earn her Master’s degree in Social Work at Missouri State.
How long have you been a social worker?
Constance has been working with the Green County Children’s Division since December of last year. She has been employed for sixteen months now. Prior to this she worked with Isabella’s House Crisis Nursery in Springfield, Missouri. One can work at Isabella’s House without a social degree, even though it is a social work environment.
Describe your social work experiences, prior to working for this agency.
Constance work with Isabella’s House prior to working with the children’s division. Isabella’s House is a twenty-four hour, year round shelter house for children when the family is in a crisis. While working here Constance worked with children that came from dangerous home environments. As in drug houses, or receiving sexual abuse or physical abuse in the home. Working in this setting influenced Constance to make the decision of joining the Children’s Division. She found a love for the Children’s Division while working with the children in need at Isabella’s House.
What is your title at this agency?
Constance is a Family Centered Services worker at in the Green County Children’s…

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