Where Did Global Warming Go? Essay

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Days are normally hot, but it would be really unusual if nights peaked at a very high temperature. This kind of scenario wouldn’t be surprising if you’re living in Arizona, just bearing the heat of the sun all day and won’t realize that the heat is burning your skin. This is a common thing, people get all around the world and not a bad thing, but things get worse, like the abnormal high temperature of the Earth as well as the quality of the air we breathe in that made common people get sick. We all know that global warming is a big factor when dealing with our day by the day plans and could cause illness so it really comes in the way. I 've recently come across one of the editorials for the Sunday Review of the New York Times, "Where Did Global Warming Go?", and approached an agreement with the author’s point of view.

From what I have read, I could notice that the article finds global warming to be a valid issue that is changing the global climate and that it must be dealt with throughout the world. Furthermore, Dr. Rosenthal argues that, while other nations all across the world are advocating for the reduction of anthropogenic emission of carbon dioxide, the United States, one of the largest contributors to the increase in carbon dioxide emission, stand agnostic on the issue of global climate change. I believe that it is important to take a stand on this issue now, while the damage to the world’s climate is minimal, rather than later, when the effects of the…

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