Essay on Where Are Women’s Ethical Rights to Equality?

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Where Are Women’s Ethical Rights to Equality?
Courtney Washburn Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Theresa Ramsey
May 14, 2014

Women earn 77 percent of what men earn for the same job (Edmonds, 2014). That equals about .77 cents of every dollar that a man earns. We as women are losing 23 cents just because we are women. I have chosen to write about women’s equality using the utilitarian and deontology ethical theories. The world today is a much different world to live in for women, yet it is much the same in other countries as it has been for centuries. Even if they have so many other obstacles to overcome, woman still find a way to prevail. Woman still get the short end of the stick most days with lower
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Many of them leave the mother of their children resulting in a high poverty level in woman because they are woman. Stated in an article by Barbara and Shannon Kelley (2011), households that are led by single woman or separated women have a poverty rate of 31.6 percent, compared to a household led by a single or separated male having a poverty level of 15.8 percent. The United States government needs to follow the ethical theory of utilitarianism and look into equality among men and women. They need to look into how this can benefit everyone and make it about the people. I realize it is a long battle that continues to draw attention from all reporters and government officials, this topic is all over the internet in articles and statistic findings. Woman should not be in such poverty just because they are woman. The controversy that is caused by people saying that woman make less than men is stated as a bogus theory. According to an article in the U.S News by Christina Hoff Sommers, (2014), the president in his Union address stated that woman make “77 cents less for every dollar a man earns”. Ms. Sommers states that this is bogus and “discredited factoid”. In her article she says that it is in fact a lot less of a wage gap at only approximately a 5 cent gap between what men make and what women make. Why should this even be a matter to discuss, why should woman have

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