Where Are Our Morals? Essay

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Where are our Morals?
Wendell Berry’s essay “What are People for?” view of computers was an interesting one that comes from a not-so-common perspective. He mentioned strong points like the cost of owning a computer, why strip mining is bad for the environment, and his wife’s important role in his life to identify the problems with computers. I believe that he wrote this essay to persuade the reader they need to become less hooked to the electric corporations as well as to depend less on energy sources such as coal. Berry was also trying to convince readers that writing better and more efficiently has no ties with computers. He relies on logic when speaking of the direct dependence on coal that the electric corporation has.
Berry is writing for the people of today who are just as hooked on the electric corporations as he is. This essay is written as if the audience is well informed of all the pros and cons that come with computers and he also assumes that his audience will not accept his views of computers. He still has difficulty agreeing with anyone that modernizing his writing style will benefit him in any way, but seems to agree with people on the high costs and environmental issues that computers have. Issues with the environment help Berry’s argument by appealing to a broader range of people.
Wendell was born in 1934 and raised by his father (a lawyer) and his mother (a college educated woman who loved to read). He is an environmental activist, farmer, and writer with…

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