Essay on Where Am I Wearing, By Kelsey Timmerman

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Where am I wearing” is booked by Kelsey Timmerman. Kelsey Timmerman did research on where does his clothes were made, what probably conditions of those workers who made them. After meeting them, he learns workers who make our clothes most of them make really less money (Timmerman, 2008). In this book he talks about Globalization, Consumerism, what struggles that workers faces to feed their family, and His trip to Honduras, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China and United States. For this trip he found the reason why does Textile industry and most of the other industries are typically in foreign, because labor is cheaper foreign than in the USA. I think the theme that most stood out to me was when he talks about the conditions of workers, what they have to sacrifice for making money, and why they have to do it (Timmerman, 2008). Kelsey’s Boxers were made in Bangladesh, so he went to Bangladesh to meet those people who made them (Timmerman, 2008). In Bangladesh he went undercover to see how does the Garment factories work, and how the factory owner treats their workers (Timmerman, 2008). He found out, “In Bangladesh legal age to work is 14 years, he also saw the 14 year boys working hard, and they also don’t get paid that much” (Timmerman, 2008). The thing is to think about how bad conditions probably when those 14 year boys instead of going to sch, getting educated, playing with their friends, they are supporting their whole family (Timmerman,2008). Other thing is to think about that…

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