Essay about When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

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Nathaphone Luangoudom
Professor Giso
Critical Analysis
November 27, 2011

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead is science fiction because the theme of the story is time travel. Time travel is a scientific principle that is new which contradict known laws of nature, for example Marcus abilities to travel in time as a homeless man to save Sal make this story science fiction. The book is also considered a mystery novel because Miranda receives a strange note asking her to record future events and write down the location of her spare key. As the novel progresses, she is the detective in finding out who the notes are written from. The book was published by Wendy Lamb books in 2009.
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Louisa is Sal’s mother. She like Miranda’s mother is a single mom too. She works in a nursing home and help Miranda’s mother practice for her appearance in the game show.
The protagonist in the story is Miranda because she is the main character in the story. Miranda is definitely a round character in the book because she is demonstrates many personality traits in the story. She could be compared to a real character that all children can relate to, a girl just trying to define her place in the world. She possesses real feelings like her jealousy towards Julia who comes from a wealthy family. She is a typical little girl scared of strangers like the homeless man lurking around her neighborhood. Also, when Annemarie sleeps over, she gets a little embarrassed of her apartment like many kids who live in a poor place. She is also a great friend and a daughter who loves her mother very much. Miranda is a little confused at first by her friendship with Sal but learns throughout the story the real meaning of friendship which makes her a round character because her feelings and thoughts change throughout the course of the story. Julia is a foil character to Miranda because she has a lot in common with Miranda and wants the same things such as friendship like Miranda. Miranda’s mother is a dynamite character in the story because she is seen to make a conscious decision to change her feelings about committing to

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