When You Become A Teenager By Gail Carson Levine Essay

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American author Gail Carson Levine reflected, “When you become a teenager, you step onto a bridge. The opposite shore is adulthood. Childhood lies behind.” She describes the transformations a person experiences from childhood to adulthood by the means of parties, drinking, driving, marriage, and families. These are important rites of passage everywhere, so as a result they are communicated and celebrated differently depending on the culture. For example, in the United States sweet sixteen parties driving licenses, exercising new freedoms exhibits the transition from childhood to adulthood. In contrast, the Mexican transition to adulthood displays values of family, community, and maintaining tradition.
One of the most anticipated events during a Mexican girl’s life is her Quinceañera celebration and mass because it traditionally signifies her identity as a young woman. Through generations the Quinceañera party, meaning fifteenth birthday, has shown the transition into womanhood. According to an American research center, in earlier times the “fifteenth birthday would have signaled that she was an active, adult member of the community, fully ready to take on her share of responsibilities, and indicated that she was of marriageable age and status. Today, the tradition remains a celebration of womanhood, family, and community" (Mújica). The festival “included the mother and other women instructing the girl in her duties and responsibilities, urging her to follow the correct…

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