When World War II Been Prevented? Essay

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You make not think that some people have anything in common but, they might actually have a lot in common. Just like Jeanette Walls and Adolf Hitler. These two people may seem completely different but they have one important common factor. What is the one thing they have in common it is their parenting. Could World War II been prevented? Would we have ever read this book? Now not reading a book may not be as important as preventing World War II but, they are still very good questions to ask yourself. How many other events would not have happened? There are some people that are just not fit to be parents and should be restricted on how many or if they can have any children. Like Rex and Rose Mary, they did not have a successful job and barely were able to pay for their own food. Rex always went out drinking and Rose Mary spent their money on sweets and other expensive food. Then they go and have 4 more children and can’t pay for them. I think with parenting licenses Rex and Rose Mary would have not been able to have kids or have only Lori. In an article I read it said “Parenting might as well be considered one of life’s most challenging and demanding jobs. It is a job that you cannot quit from and do not get paid. Instead, you basically pay for it,” (Should We Need A license To Be A Parent). Parenting is a job that as of right now you don’t have to interview and you can’t be denied. It is completely your choice if you want to get the job and with parenting licenses it would…

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