Essay about When Work Disappears

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When Work Disappears Americans believe that inner city residents, mainly African Americans, struggle to survive and choose violence and crime intentionally, and that they are lazy and unmotivated to improve their lifestyle. However, William Julius Wilson, writer of When Work Disappears, disagrees with these thoughts, and he believes that results of joblessness have caused the violent behavior and the poverty in inner cities. Wilson states,”Many of today’s problems in the inner-city neighborhoods—crime, family dissolution, welfare—are fundamentally a consequence of the disappearance of work.” He also explains how this problem will cause “lasting and harmful consequences” if it is not addressed. He also believes that there are practical …show more content…
Employers also discriminate against the way they believe every African American speaks in an unprofessional manner, and Wilson gives an example on how the president of an advertising agency refused to give a job to a “black man” because he used “ax” and “ask.” A secretary told an African American in confidence that at the end of the day, all the applications for employment from African Americans are ripped up and thrown away. In conclusion, USA inner cities’ unemployed residents have greatly increased over the last couple of years, and Wilson believes four major factors are causing this. First, the moving of jobs away from the city causes people not being able to transport to potential jobs. Second, the high cost of childcare and health insurance causes employees to quit their minimum wage jobs to apply for welfare. Third, the technological advances causes jobs to require higher education and training for potential employers, and since the schools in the inner cities are unmotivated and ineffective, residents of the inner city loose those potential jobs. Fourth, the long lasting racial discrimination of African Americans decline the amount of jobs that African Americans have an actual chance of

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