When Thinking Of A Tree Essay

1795 Words Sep 20th, 2016 8 Pages
When thinking of a tree, it is easy to imagine a strong plant, established firmly into the soil, with a thick substantial trunk and vast outreaching branches. However, what does not typically come to mind is a scrawny seedling, with its new roots hardly ingrained into the soil. One with a toothpick of a trunk that is struggling to support itself. The fact of the matter is that every tremendous tree started as a measly sapling, but not every sapling is able to grow into a tree. The forest can be a brutal place, exposing its inhabitants to all of the outside elements. Deep inside the woods, it is the survival of the fittest. In the battle for sunlight and space, some trees will thrive while others will slowly wither away. During my freshman year, I was just a measly sapling thrown into the forest of high school students, but now, as a senior, I have found my place in this forest and my sunlight, allowing me to grow and become a sturdy tree. Going back to where it all started, my freshmen year of highschool, I remember being excited, nervous, and most of all, unsure of myself. I was weak and lacking in confidence. Much like a young tree in a forest of age old pines, I didn 't know where I fit in. I struggled to stand on my own, and often found myself leaning on others for support. I didn 't trust my own intuition, and was constantly seeking approval from my peers. Just as a thin, flimsy trunk can be bent in the wind, it didn 't take much to influence me and leave me shaken…

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