When The Kings Come Marching Essay

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Every Christian has wondered at some point in time what Heaven will be like. A lot of people in the World just view Heaven as a spiritual place where you meet God. Richard Mouw believes Heaven will be a renewed creation that includes an embodied existence and cultural life. In the book “When the Kings Come Marching In” Mouw talks about how society has to transform and change our ideas of how we view things in order to prepare for the Holy City. In doing so we will be ready for Heaven to come. Mouw believes we have to try and change our patterns and culture in order for us to get to Heaven. In the beginning chapter of the book Mouw talks about what he believed Heaven would look like in the past and his view on Heaven now. Mouw believed that at the beginning of his life Heaven was heavily based on a spiritual realm to be with God and he believes that many people in society also look at Heaven in this way. Mouw says that what draws people to this idea is in the New Testament there is two stages of the afterlife. There are no detailed account of what happens to believers when they die before the end of history in the Bible. However, Mouw agrees that the Bible assures people that when people are away from the body, they are at home with the Lord, because death cannot separate a believer from the love of God. It seems very easy for a believer to get confused or pulled towards the idea of Heaven as a spiritual realm. Mouw now sees Heaven in a different idea and thinks of it as a…

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