When The Emperor Was Divine By Julie Otsuka Essay

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When the Emperor Was Divine is a novel written by Julie Otsuka. The story was set in the period of World War II when Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps as they were believed to be a threat to the United States because of their possible connections with the country of Japan. The novel follows a Japanese family and their whole journey throughout this period. The story was told in the third person for the majority of the novel and often interrupted by several flashbacks. The novel is divided into five chapters with each section explained by the viewpoint of a family member. The first chapter, “Evacuation Order No. 19,” was told from the viewpoint of a woman, which would later be characterized in the chapter as the mother of the family, and the beginning of their journey. She packed everything in their house and locked it all up after she saw a sign in the post office. She took care of all the animals that she knows in different ways including the murder of an innocent dog named White Dog. She told her children, who just came from school, about their trip tomorrow. At the end of the chapter, the woman drinks a bottle of wine where she laughs in the beginning and ends up in tears towards the end as she and her children were about to on the trip to one of the internment camps. “Train” is the title of the second chapter and is told from the perspective of a girl, the daughter of the woman, and their story while riding the train to the internment camp. As they…

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