When Taking The Attitudes And Beliefs Inventory By Corey And Cory

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After taking the Attitudes and Beliefs Inventory by Corey and Cory (2011), I have found that there are several situations in counseling that I feel uncomfortable with or unequipped to handle. In most of these situations it is due to my personal beliefs on the situation that I feel uncomfortable. I have learned and established these values, with the help of various people in my life. There are several things I need to work on personally, in order to overcome and be able work through these situations should they arise in my counseling profession.
There were several questions from this inventory that evoked a strong reaction from me. Most of them were due to the fact that they went directly against my personal values and beliefs. The first question that I struggled with the most was “A gay or lesbian couple wanting to work on conflicts in their relationship” (Corey & Cory, 2011). This one was really hard for me, because I believe that it is unbiblical for people of the same sex to have a relationship with one another. Therefore, because of this belief I do not think that I would be the best person to counsel these people. According to the ACA Code of Ethics, a counselor is not supposed to impose their own beliefs or values on a client (ACA, 2014). I am afraid that in this case I would be unable to avoid imposing my beliefs on the clients, because I feel very strongly about this situation.
The next question that was hard for me is “A person who shows…

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