When Someone Hears The Word Arch Essay

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When someone hears the word arch, they might imagine a bridge or simply, architecture. Arch can be a bridge to numerous of ideas connecting from point A to point B. Brent Sommerhauser introduces “Arch” in the art world implementing a monochrome scale and an unclear image as to what he is attempting to portray. However, an audience would ponder around that looking at a gloomy, depressing image would have a negative impact. What if there is a possibility to learn art differently in a positive perspective? In addition to Marjorie Barrick’s Museum exhibition “Recent Acquisitions” encourages lifelong learning by expanding a person’s perception of art, being able to analyze different ideas, and relating to the creator’s artwork. Most of the students may have never approached a museum with the intention of analyzing artwork. With questions arising such as, “What is the point of learning from a museum?” or “Why is this museum tour mandatory?” If these questions did not once come across a student’s head, the entire class would have been lying. Nevertheless, the class assumed they would be answering questions from Deanne, the tour guide. She asked, “What is the artist portraying here in this first piece of artwork?” With eyes wandering around the room, avoiding being called, a student took the initiative to answer her question since Deanne was the only one speaking. Continuing on, others began to participate which encouraged the students and the tour guide. Since a right or wrong…

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