When Long Silence By Shashi Deshpande Essay

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Jaya the main protagonist in Shashi Deshpande’s novel “That Long Silence” decides to keep silence for seventeen long years. She is a middle-class woman who finds herself trapped in by society by being a good mother and a wife. In her search for identity Jaya lives with three identities as Jaya a struggling writer, Jaya the victor and Suhasini the name given by her husband which means happy wife that loves cleaning and undertaking wifely duties. In the Indian society, a man and woman learn from their elders that gender roles are assigned to a boy and girl. For Jaya, she lived the system of existentialism as she goes from self-confusion to self-realization. In this Jaya urges to find oneself, to create space and grow without support from anyone and realizes there are flaws in her. For a man, the quest for self-identity is hard, but, for a woman it is harder.
In “That long Silence” Jaya finds herself alienated and lonely. She realizes that she has been unjust to her writing and herself. She then questions the existence of a woman in a male dominated society. Deshpande realizes “Self-revelation is a cruel process” (TLS 1). And to identify herself, she, must be true to her own self. Jaya before marriage was hopeful this was brought out by her father “I named you Jaya”, ‘he said. “Jaya for victory”. However, he was the first to silence her in society by commenting on her taste for music, he said “What poor taste you have, Jaya” (TLS 3) and the shame she felt then survived long.…

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