When Is Lying Justified

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Imagine if it was almost a friends birthday and you wanted to give her a huge surprise, however, she found out. What would you do to convince her it was about something else? I firmly believe that lying is acceptable in our society.
Lying is justified when it can be used to protect and care for others. For example, in the article The U.S. Political Campaign: lies lies lies Anne survived longer because her family lied to the nazis. (1) If they didn’t lie she would have died right away but she survived a little longer. They lied to keep her safe because they care for her and wanted to keep her protected. In addition, if you’re on the way to an awards ceremony and a friend ask you if they look fat you say, you look fabulous, “anything else would be cruel.” cohen says. (3) You don't want to hurt someone's feelings so instead you tell her a lie. You lie not to hurt someone’s feelings because
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For example, Alisha says, “You never tell your mother about bad grades, you let her find out and make like you forgot to tell her. (8) She decided to wether lying to her mother was ok or was not ok. Some people believe it's okay so they won't get in trouble. In addition,you tell your mom you had taken it to get it washed as a surprise when it was really a lie. (8) Shontea lied to her mom about the car and made her believe it was the truth. It is up to each person to say a lie and make a person believe it's the truth. In conclusion it is fine to lie when you're trying to impress someone by what you're doing in order to not get in trouble.
Some people may argue that lying is bad and we should not lie. However, those who believe lying is bad say that we should not lie because it could hurt someone, get you in danger, and loose someone's attention. Although some people think lying is bad others understand that lying is not just to harm others it could help and care for others

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