When I Was Younger I Loved Writing Essay

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When I was younger I loved writing. Poems, short stories, and nonfiction, I tried to write them all. From Romans to a galactic republic, my mind was a canvas of creativity until that day. The day of my social humiliation in front of all my peers, the day I thought I had written my best paper, the day I was changed. I was so amped to go to school that day, I rushed down stair grabbed my black and red backpack and ran for the bus stop. While I was running I heard my sister scream“Wait, Rocky, your paper!”. She caught up to me and handed me the paper, huffing and puffing, she said “ How could you forget the paper you worked so hard on, and who in the world runs to a bus stop on a snowy, february morning?”. That paper, three paragraphs, nine sentences, on a page of wide ruled paper and about the differences between the roman and greek civilizations, was my greatest achievement of my eight year old life. Winterpock Elementary School, then the newest school in the chesterfield area at the time, was where I was attending during the third grade. I rode the bus that day eager for my teacher to read my masterpiece and for me to show my class how great of a writer I was. When the bus made it to school I rushed off the bus and ran towards the entrance, but I was stopped by an upperclassmen safety monitor and told to slow down. I made it to school to see my best friend,Jaden, who wanted to read my paper, so I pulled it out of my backpack and showed it to him. “Wow, thats really good,…

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