Essay about When I Was Tenth Grade At Hong Kong

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Nowadays, a lot of students are confused about what kind of career that they can choose. Before they decide which one they are going to choose, they may think and ask themselves a lot of questions and they may be struggle a lot. In some cases, some students will find out the answer of which career they plan to become during their study journey. Some students cannot figure out which career they plan to become because some of them want to find the easier way to be successful, like what I was thinking about during high school. However, I discovered that the world does not have any career which do not have any requirements or challenges that we have to face and solve.
When I was tenth grade in Hong Kong, I decided to choose accounting to be my major. I was a person who liked to calculate and solve the challenging math problems. During tenth grade, I took accounting class and got an assignment which about solving some challenging number problems. While I was working on it, I discovered that solving the math problems which related to business or accounting were very fun and challenging. At that moment, I thought I should choose accounting to be my major because I liked to solve those kind of problems. When I went back to home that day, I told my sister that I wanted to become an accountant in the future. However, my sister told me that one of her friend chose accountant to be her major, and she was getting a very hard time in university. In addition, she persuaded me, “You…

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