When I Walked Into Mrs. Buckhold 's Class The First Day Of The Semester

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When I walked into Mrs. Buckhold’s class the first day of the semester, I had the preconceived idea that I wouldn’t have to put much effort into the class, or that I didn’t have a significant amount to improve upon in my writing. On the contrary, the entire first semester of English Composition was a literary journey—a journey that helped me establish my voice as a writer and build upon the solid—but far from perfect—foundation I already had as an effective, persuasive writer. While my writing certainly has improved over the semester, I do hope that over the course of my lifetime, it becomes more and more refined through the accomplishment of my future writing goals.
In regards to my development as a writer this semester, I have amassed a wide variety of skills and acquired a considerable amount of knowledge. Through every paper I wrote and every assignment I completed, I gained what I would consider “life knowledge” that not only improved my writing but bettered me as a person. Starting with the first writing assignment, the “This I Believe” essay, I discovered that formal writing isn’t always the most effective way to convey something I believe; in fact, putting my own unique voice onto paper can actually bring an otherwise dull essay to life. Equally as important as the first essay, the second “Evaluation Essay” taught me to consider all factors of my options before making a final decision—a skill that is particularly useful mere months before finally choosing a college,…

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