When I Started The Summer Program Essay

714 Words Jul 14th, 2015 3 Pages
Before I started the summer program, I expected to have trouble with writing long expository essays, and time management. These were the two things I felt could hurt my college career, but after doing the summer session I was impressed with the improvements I made.
In English, I learned ways to make my essays longer by adding personal experience and expanding on my ideas. A usual two page paper would become a five page paper. I also learned different methods for writing papers: placing the thesis in different parts of the parts of the essay, creating patterns that the reader can visibly see and use, using personal experience as a way of and being selective about word choices. These methods have helped me explain my ideas without the fear of not adding enough content. I wished I learned these methods in high school, because my English homework would have been finished faster.
In Religion, I learned how to think critically about an issue- a skill that every college student needs to learn. For example, take the issue of slavery. It was a horrific monopoly that dehumanized Africans. That is called surface thinking. A college student needs to think about slavery as a horrific monopoly that dehumanizes people, and turns them into property.
Some skills I need to improve on is proofreading. I still have trouble finding errors in my paper, even after reading it multiple times. I can easily find errors in other people’s work, but I think put too emotion into the proofreading…

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