Essay on When I Left Venezuela I

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When I left Venezuela I was 16 years old. I still remember my parent’s shocked faces when I came home with a pile of brochures for study abroad programs. My parents were hesitant but supportive. However, many of my friends and family thought I was making a mistake leaving so young to a new country where I did not know anyone. I remember wondering at night for months whether I was making the “right” decision. Back then, I wanted a clear answer, but I’ve learned that in many cases we cannot have a clear set of instructions on how to make every decision. That is why being able to adapt is so important. I saw some fellow foreign students having a difficult time because they were not truly prepared to adapt to a new country and a new culture. Like them, I also came here with an idea of what my life in Canada would be like. However, I learned that if I wanted to make Canada my new home I needed to be ready to adapt to new circumstances. I could not have predicted everything that occurred during my first year here. I started school and was not obtaining good grades, the language was challenging, and more importantly my “host father” (the person who received me into his home) attempted suicide. Something I was not prepared to deal with at 16. However, all of these experiences taught me you can only make the decision that you believe will lead to the best outcome and adapt accordingly from there. It has been 7 years since then and I am truly happy of not only being in Canada but to…

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