When I Had Free Time Essay

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At Anna High School in Mrs. Quinter’s physics classroom, you would have seen me in the front row deeply engaged into the subject. I occasionally raised my hand to ask a question or add my input into the discussion. I was always the first student out of my seat when we were allowed to begin our labs. I enjoyed working with my classmates to discover new information and be able to implement the results of the experiments to the real world. If I had free time in the lab, I would have conducted my own experiments due to my curiosity. My classmates gravitate towards me when they need assistance on setting up equipment or interpreting a question. I prefer not to give them the answer; instead I helped them navigate toward the correct response. After observing me in the classroom, I would be described as dedicated, positive, and helpful. These qualities are what I would expect to see in my teacher, but this is not always the case. In Appendix I of the book The Smartest Kids in the World, students are asked to evaluate their teachers. When a stranger asks a student “What do you think of your teacher?” they will usually respond with a positive answer. Most of the time the student will not tell the truth, because the student’s opinion could end up in the ears of the specific teacher. When a stranger asks me what I think of my educator I usually respond with my typical answer of “I think they do a very good job at teaching their subject.” In reality that teacher will randomly decide to…

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