When I Am A 75 Year Old, Elderly Essay

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Assuming that I am a 75 year old, elderly, this paper will be an informative interview of myself. This paper will give insight on services in and around York County that is available for those who are in their late adulthood and need assistance with their physical and cognitive development.
As we become further advanced in today’s society with technology, medicine, and education, our life expectancy is increasing. The life expectancy in the United States is rising considerably. According to John Santrock (2016), the life expectancy of someone born in the US today in about 78.7 years (p.366). Late adulthood is a fairly new concept of development because back before the twentieth century the expectancy was only about 65. Late adulthood is what we consider elderly, beginning between sixties and seventies and lasting until death. During this period of development the body is on a downhill. Most people who are elderly are dealing with some sort of medical, physical, and cognitive issues.
Physical Challenges
As we grow older we will experience physical decline. This is an inevitable thing that does come with some challenges, even in this day of age. One thing that is common among all elderly, including me, is decline in physical appearance and movement. The more obvious physical changes are wrinkles, age spots, becoming shorter, losing weight, and move moving much slower. However, the physical challenges I face also come from medical conditions that includes: high…

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