When Harry Met Sally Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… At Jess and Marie’s wedding; Harry and Sally have another argument. Sally’s tone is now distant and she is disappointed by Harry. When they talk to each other; Harry’s tone doesn’t suggest that he understands how Sally feels. As they drift apart; Harry tries to call
Sally many times. On New Year’s Eve; He finally understands his feeling for Sally. He meets up with her and expresses how he feels. Sally’s tone and words say otherwise, but they end up as they should have. When I talk to people about situations; I try to understand what they are talking about and progress into a conversation that ends with a good understanding. As with Harry and Sally; I have had the ups and downs in conversations. Some of them
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Sally’s body language suggests; she is kind of a happy, sweet, organized and wants things a certain way type of person.
Harry on the other hand; seems negative, unhappy and a half empty glass type of guy. He also seems to be a matter of fact person. Taking their body language into consideration at this point; they would be unlikely to end up together. When Harry brings up an edgy conversation about friends and sex; I noticed Sally’s complete disgust. Harry is stating a fact; men and women can’t be friends without involving sex. Sally disagrees with this, because she has men as friends. Harry doesn’t show any emotion about the subject; whereas Sally’s expression is in disagreement. When they go into a diner;
Harry is taken away by the way Sally orders. His expression suggested he was mildly annoyed by her. When Harry tells Sally she is pretty; she puts up a wall and is grossed out by him. When they leave the diner; Sally wants to get away from him and thinks he is a pig. As they get to New
York and part ways; their body language is awkward in their good bye. Five years later; Sally is dating Joe and their body language says they are in love.

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