Essay about When Do You Guys Want Breakfast?

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“When do you guys want breakfast?” is the normal group text for the Wallwork study group on Saturday mornings. The group is made up of old friends that went to the same high school and some new ones we met along the way. The first responses come within the hour and as college students the time agree on is well past normal breakfast times at 11:30 am. With the time set, we head to Folgers dining hall. Some of us are wide awake and others look like they rolled out of bed the minute before. Today I’m the only one that fits the wide awake category. There isn’t much talking till people started waking up and scarfing down their pancakes, hash browns, and sausage, or, like Hannah, bagels and under ripened fruit. As conversation starts to flow, we discuss what we’re studying that day. Amanda, an Asian Studies major with long wavy brown hair, has multiple chapters to read from The Glass Palace, and a quiz that follows. Katherine, is in the same major as Amanda and I am the lone nursing student. Hannah isn’t even joining us since she has a date with her boyfriend later that day. Secretly, we roll our eyes at her because none of us really like him. We leave Folgers and head back to Wallwork. Halfway through the walk, Hannah leaves to go her separate way, leaving just me, Amanda, and Katherine. An acorn lands on the top of a blonde man’s head in front of us. He whips around and looks behind him like we were the ones that threw it. All of us shrug and keep…

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